First blog post

hello guys , here in this blog  you get to read  about  experience  which you might have gone through  in day to day  life , but  you might miss the  lessons it gives us , here i try to  pick  some for me . which i want to share with you , if you think useful treasure it ,if not  give a smile , because its free. ‘LIVE FREE’ freelife236.



scenario : local ST bus
OK after deciding where to go now the first thing that comes to mind is ..mode of travel …basically for short distance I prefer bus.
This time it was a St bus where I finalized to give a fight.
I referred fight because  travelling  in St buses in Gujarat is no less than fighting ..firstly you must do some warm-ups .
As the rattling bus arrives …all branch of guys will show you the special expertise in grabbing a seat .. It is a proud progression if you got window also along with the seat. Pushing pulling trashing and all mixed martial art you will face.
And the other kind is those smart ass . who will push there bag through the window,and will make entry at last like a hero . if by chance you were seated on that smart proclaimed seat, you will face the consequences.
Now let me explain you my situation. I with my three bags some how managed the get a seat.  I used all my power to crush a poor guy and made my way. Ah it was a good deal of smart act. Finally seated comfortably I studied the peoples around me .  .the most that fascinate me was a family , I guessed son ,the younger guy ,his wife and most probably mom dad of the young man . the old man was a typical Indian man proud of what he have achieved in his life. Dressed in a old English fashion coat .. Francis shirt ..his wife the older lady was loaded with jewellery . the young guy was smart and most seemed to be a obedient one. His wife confused me a bit. I am not arriving at any decision regarding her …
Ok any how let me end this tale as my battery is about to die

to be cont…